First-World Problem Solvers


Easily turn synthesia piano tutorial videos into a midi file, detecting musical notes with OpenCV, and saving them into MIDI format using MIDI-writer-js.

This here website

My personal website, built with Next.js, Sanity, React, Tailwind.

Spotify Canvas Downloader

A tool to download Spotify Canvas, the video loops in the background of some songs on Spotify. built with protobuf and the undocumented Spotify Canvas API

My Spotify Canvas

My recently played songs on Spotify with canvases updated automatically.


the go-to music charts hub for the hardstyle and hardcore scene. Daily updates of top 40 tracks

Daysgone Calendar

a simple calendar inspired by Your life in weeks by Tim Urban

LED Scroller

A customizable LED scrolling app. Create eye-catching messages for parties, events, or just for fun.

Kosakata Bahasa Arab

Kosakata Bahasa Arab (Arabic Vocabulary) App is your daily tool for improving Arabic language skills with a wide vocabulary and example sentences. Built with Bubblewarp.

Discover and collect amazing products. Based on Tumblr community. Hand-picked products from/for Europe. Collect in your browser